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If you are looking for something different for your home, think about custom made mirrors. They are very distinct and will surely add some noticeable flair to the bathroom.

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We love stripes. Even a small kid knows how stripes look and feel. Toys, clothes and furniture with stripes appear more interesting and exciting. Room decor accessories with stripes make home interiors feel more energetic and stylish. In the world of prints and graphics, stripes are one of the most popular choices for modern interior decorating.

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Decorative bedroom wall panel theme is one of the best ways to quickly add excitement in your home interiors. In this gallery I will try to explore some possibilities to add nautical wall decor in interiors.

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Homeowners who are looking to build a privacy fence with a little extra flair have plenty of options for embellishing and customizing a basic privacy fence. This article offers tips for combining different fence styles to create a privacy fence that stands out.

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A major trend in today’s world is living in small spaces to save money as the cost of living skyrockets to previously unseen heights. As the world evolves, it becomes apparent that this fast-moving trend is growing to be more common and more widespread all around the world. It’s wise to plan ahead when it comes to a small living environment with practical, functional furniture for small spaces. Living in small and tiny houses opens up a world full of innovative & compact furniture designs – think modern, think multi-functional, think quality. When you live in a smaller space than the standard McMansion, it’s important to decorate with purpose and practicality while not losing any of the standard functionality needed for a reasonably comfortable life.

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Multifunctional furniture and loft spaces can really add dimension to a small home but what if we combine the two? A raised platform with storage space will allow you to make the most of your square feet and add function to every inch of space. Raised platforms are good for two things – storage and space division, so you can build in some drawers or hide additional furniture there while using its top for something entirely different. Thus a single platform can transform one room into two or even three functional areas plus storage space for everything you need. Platforms can be used everywhere, from a bedroom to a kid’s room, they can act as space dividers, for storage, seating, emphasizing some areas and so on – just look at the ideas below and see how to use them right!

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The style of your sunroom’s roof is what will determine the name of its design, and there are five different sunroom roof styles. A “straight” sunroom is one with a flat, opaque roof, and uniformly-sized windows. This is the most common sunroom design. A much more dramatic sunroom is the cathedral sunroom, with its dramatic vaulted ceiling creating an illusion of exaggerated space, and a roof line which makes possible some special architectural accents like the addition of front trapezoid transoms. The roof design of the cathedral sunroom is ideal for areas where heavy rainfall or snow is common.

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What should a spring table look like? Bright and fresh! Here are some ideas for a spring decor: to make it fresh, add fresh spring flowers, plants or even moss, take plants according to the colors you’ve chosen. Daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, gerberas of amazing spring colors would enliven your table and become a perfect centerpiece at the same time. Flower patterned tablecloths and napkins, colorful tableware would help you to create a cheerful atmosphere in combination with green grass in pots. Have a look at some more ideas we’ve gathered for you and get inspired!

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The main purpose of balcony railings is the feature of safety. However, apart from this aspect it also works as a decorative piece in the house. The classification assigned to balcony railings by the building codes is that of Guard.

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